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Do you need website help? Having issues migrating from Blogger to anything else? Are you trying to learn WordPress? If so – just shoot us a note here and we’ll see what we can do to help. Unlike other designers and developers, we do not create package deals because each website is not one size fits all. Costs will be relative to what you need (and we take trade as well). Combined we have over 15 years in interactive marketing, social media and PR experience – and we love furniture & home decor!

Recent Examples:

Altard.com – Mandie posted on Facebook that she needed some help – so we stepped in to see what the problem was. The first designer had done about 1/10 of what Mandie needed – and that was just the logo/images! We set up wordpress on the new domain, imported all the Blogger posts (you can see the redirect here), added ecommerce to the site, corrected the Facebook linkage and Twitter profiles. We also help save her $50 a month in needless email/hosting costs. This was a real soup to nuts fixer upper – and we did it all within a week!

Old Altar'd Website
Old Altar'd Website
New Altar'd Website
New Altar'd Website

Decorate My Life – Katie was referred to us by Mandie and needed some serious help to get her site moving. Originally the site was hosted on WordPress.com with a unique domainĀ  but the wordpress hosting was limiting what she wanted to do with the site. So we set her up on a self-hosted platform, moved all of the posts over and customized a design for her to match her color style. We even set up her advertising and email, linked up Twitter and customized the profile for her. All of this was done in 1 day!

Decorate My Life Website


Keely Snyder Designs – Keely is a dream client to have! A fabulous designer that needed her site moved from Blogger to WordPress so that she could better feature her work and promote her cards. We set up her site on a self hosted domain, moved all of her blogger posts over and redirected them and set up advertising on her site for her. Her beautiful images were set up in a custom gallery and the entire site was designed with her color palette in mind. The homepage was set up to feature her work and ensure that the most relevant products were showcased front and center.

Keely Snyder Designs Website
Keely Snyder Designs Website

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  1. I could go on ALL DAY about how phenomenal Nick is! He really saved the day with our website. I paid a lot of money to a previous designer who left me with a pretty, but completely useless bunch of buttons. Nick was professional, understanding, and NICE. He took altard.com to a whole new level- and knew exactly what we needed without having to ask- and did it all in one week. I was blown away by his ability! Colby & I will forever recommend Nick Lindauer to any business wanting a professional website or blog. He’s the best!

  2. Hi, my friends’ son built a 1 dimensional web page for me on GoDaddy, so that I could be crawled by Google, Bing, etc., and get search results. That works ok for what it was intended, but I need to build a better interactive site. I have no background to do any of this. Would you like to give it a go?

  3. I may need help with two websites. The first is an established service site and the second would be a new e-commerce site.Thanks.

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