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Weathered Mexican Pine Dining Table

Weathered Mexican Pine Table - Restored
Completed Table

This table was nothing short of ugly from the very beginning. But we happen to specialize in creating swans out of ugly ducklings. Falynn (The Daily Derderian) and her husband Alex just recently bought their first home and were struggling to find furniture – well enough furniture to fill the house and not break the bank. We found this table on Craigslist and immediately sent it to them to look at with the strong recommendation to “buy this table”. Nick promised that it could be gorgeous given the right treatment and they trusted us, thank goodness! In one weekend, this table went from the fugly you see below to the beauty seen above.

Before - As originally sourced
After Sanding
Table - Stain Coating #1
First coat of stain
Final staining (total 3 coats of Ebony)
Weathered Mexican Pine Table - Restored Angle
Completed Table

If you have a piece of furniture that needs a new life or a looking for something special, just let us know. We frequently source special order pieces for clients that have an idea – and we make it happen.


  1. Hi just wondering what you used to sand it down the legs of the table in particular. What tool and grit did you use? as well as what you used for the table top again tool and grit? the white bottom looks almost as if it was sprayed on? love the table and have something of similar shape that Im trying to redo

  2. Hi I have a old weathered Mexican table also , I find this site very interesting I am looking for ideas to breath beauty back into this piece of furniture and the 6 chairs that go along with it .

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