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Tip: Get Rid of White Rings on Furniture


So how do you get rid of white rings on furniture? Smoke cigars and drink some wine!

I know there are lots of ways to get rid of these pesky white stains on furniture – Lauren uses a method involving an iron and some cloth that I’m not 100% sure about – but that method works too.

I was reading the book “The Easy Expert in Collecting and Restoring American Antiques” early this morning (cause that’s how I roll) – when I came across the following:

One takes white cigar ashes and rubs them into the stain with a piece of cork. That was such obivous patent nonsense that I never tried it myself, but when I repeated the prescription to a cigar-smoking friend whose Queen Anne table was stained that way, he whipped out a cork, flicked a little ash from his cigar – and it worked like a dream.

So what did I do at 7am in the morning? Of course I ran out to the garage, lit up a stogey and popped open a bottle of wine. (kidding on the wine part, we have corks all over the house). Nothing like your wife finding you smoking away in the garage with a cup of coffee and a wine bottle in your hand. But when I showed her the trick, she was just as amazed as I was.

White stain on right

Ashes & a wine cork

All rubbed in - white stain magically gone!

Sorry about the pictures – Houston morning humidity really doesn’t help with photo taking – but you can see the difference pretty clearly. So next time you have a white stain on a table, fire one up and have a drink and it’ll disappear instantly!

This method works better then alcohol and a fine wire scrubber because you don’t have to refinish or buff out any scratches. Just wipe off the ashes and you are ready to go.

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