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Mirror, Mirror (not yet on the wall)

Mirror Full

I admit it – I don’t understand a lot of this home decor stuff (like the rule of 3’s or 5’s – huh?) so while at a recent auction, when this mirror came up and Lauren started excitedly hitting my arm (way to be discreet honey) – I just went with it and we picked up this “fabulous” mirror. Lauren did all the work on this one – so all the credit goes to her. In fact – she should be the one writing this post so she can tell you everything she did to it. But I’m the one at the computer – so your stuck with me.

This mirror was given a base coat of paris grey and then a top coat of old white on the details and some of the body. Then Lauren gently distressed and waxed to bring out the color. A before picture would have really help you see the mess this thing was in before – but I can’t seem to find one – so it’s up to your imagination.

This has been sold.


  1. Lauren here. This mirror was black and gold before I got my hands on it. I love working on items with detail!

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