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Massive 3 Drawer Solid Wood Rope Front Dresser


What can we say – this chest of drawers is massive! Each drawer is 12 inches tall, 24 inches deep and almost 40 inches wide! It’s made of solid wood with heavy rope handles – stained with a walnut stain. This would make a great blanket chest and/or a toy chest in the kids room – and the good news is that it’s so heavy, they can climb on it all they want and it won’t move!

Price: $250 as is – or $325 painted – contact us if you are interested

Measurements: 24″ deep, 40″ wide, 38″ tall


  1. I’m not sure how late I am on this but my boyfriend and I have this exact same dresser at our house and we love it! However, we are in need of another one and cannot find one like it anywhere else except here. Is this dresser still available to purchase?

  2. Can you tell me if you sell the rope handles on the “Massive 3-drawer solid wood rope front dresser?”. I have that exact same dresser but one of the handles has come loose from the inside and has started to fray. Can you help me?

    • We don’t sell them – but you can easily replace them with some rope from Home Depot – just cut off the existing handle and replace

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