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DIY: Jewelry Organizer Picture Frame


This is one of those projects that took a long time to get started – but no time to finish. It took so long to get started because it wasn’t high on the priority list for either Lauren or I. Okay, well it wasn’t high on my priority list – though I’m gonna guess it was pretty high on Lauren’s.

Inspired by the many many jewelry picture frame holders that are blogged about (just google for more) – I decided to go a slightly different route then most – knowing what I had on hand and what my wife would be hanging on the thing – I decided to use peg board and hooks.

We picked up the frame at The Guild in Houston – it was on it’s last legs – ugly and gold. but the frame has fantastic detail and was big and bulky – actually something we were looking for on this piece. Once we got it home, it was sprayed with white – as was the peg board and the hooks for it. White white white. I think mounted the peg board inside the frame using my trusty nail gun and we were ready to go.

The peg board allows Lauren to hang up her heavier items and move things around as she sees fit.

Jewelry Picture Frame

So there you have it – if you have a lot of bling, make yourself one of these and get organized. I actually think I need to make another one for Lauren’s collection of things…

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