Wagon Wheel Clock

I’m not sure where the idea for this clock came from – but I do remember talking with Lauren about wanting to get a wagon wheel and her giving me the crazy “what in the world are you smoking” look. I let the idea marinate for a long time until we came across an unfinished wagon wheel while digging for other treasures. I think that’s the day we bought a window just because the lock on it was awesome. Yes, we are those people – we buy broken windows and one wheel.

Anyways, this was a very easy project to do – minus the tiny detail of needing to find the right mechanism and sized clock arms. I had to order those online – but in the interim, Lauren painted the wheel with a paris grey and added some waxing details. I then hollowed out the backside of the wheel hub to ensure that the clock motor fit flush – and then we put everything together. Easy as that. Wagon wheel clocks are not a new concept – but I’ve never seen one like this! We would have kept it but we already have a large clock over our mantel and I’m not about to try and take that one down.

If you are interested in this clock, Mandie @ Altar’d has it from the sale on Saturday. If you are interested in it, just contact her or us and we can arrange pick up/delivery.



Wagon Wheel Clock


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7 Responses to Wagon Wheel Clock

  1. cassie says:

    that is so awesome! what a great idea! my mom has one of those wheels… 😉

  2. Deb says:

    Cool, can’t wait and see what u do with old chaps,cobbles,bit,&yokes. Love Ya

  3. Holly L says:

    Oh my gosh…saw this at Primitive and Proper and it caught my eye immediately! I love this project.

  4. Nan says:

    Love this! What a great idea! I don’t think I’ll pass over a wagon wheel again.

  5. Lovin’ it!! I want to make a clock out of everything round I see! Unfortunately, I have yet to do one. haha! I’d also love for you to share these over on Trash To Treasure Tuesdays on the Korner! 🙂 http://kammyskorner.blogspot.com/2011/10/trash-to-treasure-tuesday-link-party-2.html

  6. As you stated, wagon wheel clocks are nothing new but yours has a beautiful simplicity that gives it a lot of character and style. Great job!

  7. Charlotte says:

    Can you snare where you found the mechanism?

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