Prepare to avert your eyes


This was our kitchen.


We are renting – but no one should be exposed to this level of torture. And you haven’t seen the wallpaper yet. Yes,  WALLPAPER.  3 Patterns of Wall Paper – all variations of Blue, Orange and Pink.


If we owned this place, we would have knocked out all the walls, replaced the appliances, reconfigured the cabinets and replaced the countertops. But we rent – so we convinced the landlord to pay for the materials and we did the labor. $80 in paint/misc supplies was all it cost to reduce the gagging the moment anyone walks into our kitchen.


We removed the wallpaper – which came off pretty easily since it was original to the house. The the walls were cleaned, sanded and prepped. The the walls were painted with Behr Premium Paint – Gentle Rain (light grey). The we moved to the countertops. We used Rustoleums Countertop paint – in pewter. That went on very easily – make sure you use a foam roller! Then it dried for 3 days. Finally after making coffee on the table we were able to put everything back together. Oh, we also painted all of the cabinet hardware black (to get rid of the orange handles).

It’s not a dream kitchen – but at least it’s not a nightmare kitchen anymore!

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10 Responses to Kitchen Before & After

  1. Wow. Nicely done! It’s 100% better.

  2. Sharon says:

    Really awesome job! I’m sure your landlords LOVE you!! I know I would!

  3. Soooo much better. I’m a renter also and just had to redo my 1/2 bath recently. I didn’t ask permission, but hey…I think I did them a favor. lol I’ve also replaced most of the light fixtures with prettier ones. I saved the old ones and will put them back when I move. Nobody, even us renters, deserve to live in ugliness! 🙂

  4. Amazing change. Good for you. It looks 100% better. Marty

  5. Katy says:

    I just repainted our laminate countertops in pewter as well! It’s amazing how easy it was!

    Love the transformation!!

  6. Soooo much better! But I gotta say, even your “before” was beautiful compared to our first house {gag…ugh…yeuck!} Dark cabinets with yellow countertops and yellow floor! Very nice cosmetic redo. Thumbs up!

  7. Beth says:

    Well done! I have a less ugly version going on in my rental so i’m very curious: how’s the counter paint holding up? does it look like it’s been painted? does it scratch? I really want to do this now!

    • Nick says:

      Beth –
      Few tips – make sure you use a foam roller and make sure you give it enough time to dry. Also make sure you have plenty of the recommended cleaner on hand.

      it’s holding up great – minus the spot where I spilled some of the cleaner and the spot where Lauren put a hot pan (that would mess up any counter). It’s a great change no matter what – especially since it was so low cost!

  8. Lana K. Edwards says:

    Lauren, it’s your dental hygienist. Your mom and dad were in yesterday and told me about your new venture. I’m very excited for you. Everything looks great. I’m really into do it yourself also and after I retire I will have plenty of time for projects like yours. Maybe I’ll see you at Round Top at the end of September. Rosemary and I will be there. Lana

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